Marketing Controlling

Key metrics & dashboards for the right decisions

How can I accurately measure the success of my marketing strategies and measures? What defines success in marketing and how do I operationalize the achievement of objectives? Branding versus Performance? Conversion versus CLV? Or even Customer Experience?

One thing is to measure success. But how do I manage to increase success based on key metrics and dashboards? To increase the achievement of goals, to reduce costs? How can key performance indicators and dashboards help me to make the right decisions?

Our presentations provide answers and food for thought to these questions: Markus Gahler has developed a scientific method for measuring customer experience. Anneke Tietje from DWS and our colleague Erik Klemusch show what dashboards are that are actively used in practice to continuously optimize marketing campaigns.

Lecture 1

Measuring customer experience

Markus Gahler
University of Augsburg
Lecture 2

Turning data into action: Interactive campaign dashboarding at DWS

Anneke Tietje
Erik Klemusch


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